Martin Wilmsen, photo by Michel / Onderdelinden fotografie

Above photo (c) Michel / onderdelindenfotografie

Behind the scenes

About me

I’m Martin, born in Amsterdam in 1964. I enjoy shooting analog – large format and medium format film, but I also got back into shooting digital again recently.

If you want to get in touch, send me a message on Instagram or Facebook messenger:

Instagram: martinwilmsenphoto
Facebook: martinwilmsenphotography

Or shoot me an e-mail: martin @

Information about TFP shoots.

Admiration and inspiration


Zuideinde 375a
1035 PE  Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 5287787

I offer one-on-one workshops studio photography with strobes. And workshops about shooting, developing and scanning analog work. You can also use my studio for your own shoots.


More photography and full shoot sets on

Instagram: martinwilmsenphoto
Facebook: martinwilmsenphotography
Flickr: martinwilmsen
FilmPhotoNetwork: martin-wilmsen
De Beeldunie: martin-wilmsen



Medium format: Fujifilm GFX100 II (recently upgraded from the GFX50S ii)


4×5: Cambo SC2, Wista SP
6×7: Mamiya RZ Pro ii, Pentax 67 ii
6×6: Mamiya C220, Rolleiflex f3.5
135: Nikon F100, FM2n, F, F2, F3 and a bunch more

Hand-painted backdrops

My backdrops are custom made by


I use Elinchrom strobes and softboxes from the wonderful people at FotoFlits.

Developing and scanning

I develop my film with various tanks, reels and supplies from Stearmanpress, Jobo and Patterson. For color film I use rotary processing with a Jobo CPE-3. I scan the negatives with an Epson V850.