TFP model shoots

I’m available for TFP shoots if I think a shoot will be an addition to my portfolio. I enjoy working with like minded enthusiastic people on creative / fine art shoots. I’m open to ideas, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What you should know / FAQ

What is TFP, what are the costs?

Traditionally TFP is short for “Time For Print”, these days people use it for “Time For Portfolio”. It means that neither party charges for it – it’s a photo shoot to build your and my portfolio. No money involved.

What will we shoot?

We agree beforehand what kind of shoot we’re going to do so that I can properly prepare whatever is needed. Models and I ususally send eachother example photos of the style that we’re after. A moodboard on e.g. pinterest can be handy. However, I do take a go-with-the-flow approach, and I’m always open to suggestions and ideas. The goal is to achieve results that make us both happy πŸ™‚

How many photos will I receive and how long does it take?

I will make a selection for post processing, and I will send you both the low and the high resolution photos via wetransfer – post processed photos only. Usually between 10 and 20 photos depending on the shoot. I aim to send the finished photos within a week. If we shoot on film, it may take a bit longer.

Can I choose which photos will be edited?

After our shoot and before you leave you can pick a few photos that you want me to include in the selection for post processing. Generally speaking, I will not re-edit photos once I’m done. But you can always ask.

Am I allowed to edit the photos myself?

It is not allowed to edit or change my photos without my permission.

How long do we shoot?

Preparing sets and lights for a studio shoot takes time. I’ll have a first set up ready before you arrive. I like to change sets/model outfits at least two or three times during our shoot, so that we have some variety in our results. A shoot will generally take about two hours, perhaps a bit longer.

How do I prepare for a studio shoot?

If we shoot in my studio, then bring at least three different clothing sets / outfits. It’s useful if you send me some photos of what you will bring beforehand, so that I can prepare a matching set.

Please check your outfit for pet hairs, loose threads et cetera.

Also remember to check your make-up, make sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth, clean your nails and if you use nail polish make sure it’s applied properly.

Be happy πŸ™‚

Can I bring someone along?

You can bring along one person, but do let me know beforehand. If you’re under 18 you are required to bring along an adult chaperone.

Can I bring a MUA(H)?

Absolutely, a collaboration with a make-up/hair artist is almost a guarantee for better photos. A shoot will take more time though, and if your MUA(H) charges for such services then you will pay him/her yourself. Do let me know who you’ll bring along in advance.

Who holds the copyright?

I hold the copyright on the photos that I create.

How can I use the photos?

You can use the photos as you please, provided that it’s for non-commercial use – and that my photos are not altered. So no cropping, no filters, no black & white conversions or any other form of post processing/changing the photos.

Posting / sharing photos

You can post your photos on social media, your website et cetera. Commercial use needs to be agreed on beforehand. Please credit me as photographer.

I may post some of the photos on my websites and social media.

Commercial shoots

I’m available for commercial work. Drop me a note for availability and pricing.